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for Alexis Pauline Gumbs                        


the night when earth became a window

i broke it 


shards made a million words


i reached for my best friend’s hand 


perhaps we fell 

between a gap in the atmosphere, wasted in wombulus


my best friend and i hobbleheeded through the universe 

until we came to hathox 


everything blackness and deep

purple in a cluster of galaxies 


there was no bread or fruit 

we learned 

to thosmies 


i remember it as cosmovor 


in quidita 

of balancestry 


swollen clay

a dry swamp

what myor


i couldn’t tell if i saw 

one woman

or every 

bound in dancespacious repetition both

constrained and desperate 

for memory


i did not have a map to come back

from hathox 

or notes for how

to unsee our sote knees 

bending into extraterrestrial dust


and i remember 

the noise

of her thrash: 


*click the lavender words to see their definitions

Word Credits:

wombulus by Jonathan Snow, hobbleheed by Ella Engel-Snow, hathox by Ella Engel-Snow thosmies by Alexis De Veaux, 

cosmovor by Ella Engel-Snow, quidita by Anooj Bhandari, balancestry by Alexis Pauline Gumbs, myor by Lucy Goubert, 

dancespacious by Charity Joy Robinson , sote by Ella Engel-Snow, zolbish by Ella Engel-Snow

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